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Aquafighter® keeps boat tanks water free

Aquafighter®, a new solution available from Eurotank Service Group, can keep a boat’s diesel tank water free and therefore eliminate the risk from harmful microbial growth.

The cost to industry of microbial damage or diesel bug is huge as it can lead to corrosion and even engines failing. The problem comes not just from free water but also from bound water and while tank driers can help eliminate free water, they cannot help with bound water. However, Aquafighter can. Once dropped into a tank it attracts not only free water but also any bound water, eliminating what could be a very costly problem. As such it is a simple solution to preventing diesel bug and the associated damage it causes.

Alex Cobb, owner of Marine Tec Ltd, says that when people bring boats to him with poor running issues, often it's a problem associated with diesel bug, and the long-term effects of that can be devastating. “I would say that you should always have an Aquafighter® in your fuel tank as it ensures there is no water getting into your fuel. Aquafighter® is easy to install; you just drop it into the bottom of the tank and secure the retrievable cord so you can get it out again at a later date.”

Tommi Buckley, Marine Specialist at Eurotank Service Group, comments: “Aquafighter is a very simple, cost-effective way of eliminating water from your tank, removing the risk of diesel bug and the problems that brings with it. It brings piece of mind to an industry-wide problem.

“I can see Aquafighter® being used across the industry – from the boat owner who does his maintenance regularly, is aware of the problems that can occur, and buys an Aquafighter for peace of mind, to the person who knows there is water in their tank and is looking for a quick, effective fix.It would also be helpful for surveyors who need to make quick decisions. By using an Aquafighter® or by recommending one to their client, the surveyor could be more confident about their decision.

“Aquafighter® is also good if you are winterising your boat or have just had work done or your fuel polished. It can be suspended in a tank for a few days to dry all of the fuel, or it can be used to check tanks for free or bound water at regular intervals, or it can be left in for peace of mind.” 

Aquafighter® is available in various sizes – from the Slim Aquafighter® for tanks with 4-10cm openings right up to the Industrial Aquafighter® for tanks with 30cm-plus openings. 

Buckley says the size needed is determined by two things: “The access to your tank and what will fit through that access and also how much water you think there is in your tank. If you have a large access area and you think there's lots of water, I would recommend a bigger Aquafighter®; if access is more restricted then a smaller Aquafighter® would be better.”

In most cases, Aquafighter® will keep a tank completely water free for at least a year. Used Aquafighters can be disposed of easily at a marina’s waste disposable point.

Published date:
March 16, 2020
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