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Kevin Spalding

Group Operations Co-ordinator

Kevin Spalding has made a great impact since joining Eurotankat the end of 2017.

Kevin has provided Alex Lis, our Group Operations Directorwith a high level of support during this time and quickly gained a reputation internally as a 'safe pair of hands.  

We're all pleased with Kevin's commitment and attitude to the business and have recently invested in Kevin completing his CPC Transport Manager qualification to allow him to take on this important and additional responsibility. He passed with flying colours.

Alex says: ''Kevin has made a fantastic impact at Eurotank in the past 16 months. The speed at which he has picked up the understanding of the business needs and understood the activities that the Environmental division covers in particular has been magnificent.

"His attention to detail on every task has made a massive impact to scheduling engineers and with customer liaising. Keep up the good work Kevin!''

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